Cecilia Halbleib Portraits

Lucia portrait in watercolour, detail

You want to order a painted portrait of yourself, your beloved ones, your favourite singer or actor, your animal darling?

Here you find all the details.


Prices vary depending on size and extra details, e.g. the background or certain accessories.

Watercolour portraits

format  6.7’’ x 9.5’’        starting at 320 Euro
format  9.5’’ x 12.6’’      starting at 380 Euro
format  11.8’’ x 15.7’’    starting at 420 Euro

Oil portraits

format  9.5’’ x 12.6’’      starting at 620 Euro
format  11.8’’ x 15.7’’    starting at 740 Euro

I also do watercolour portraits in smaller and larger sizes. Large portraits have more details.

The prices are per portrait, therefore a painting with two persons has the same price as two single portraits.

How do I order my watercolour portrait?

You send me the photos via email or postal and call me. We discuss all the details, size and special wishes on your side and the final date.

I send you a written offer for acceptance.

Please send me a selection of good photos of the child / or person /or animal, either by
Email: mail@cecilia-portraits.de
Post: Cecilia Halbleib, Arnulfstrasse 177, 80634 Munich, Germany

Which photos should I send?

A good and characteristic photo, or even better a selection of photos which grab the personality of the child / person / animal: a typical expression, a best loved photo.

The photos should be rich in detail and in good light (best would be natural light / daylight), and especially the eyes should be seen clearly.

If you live in Munich or around, we could make an appointment for taking photos in a natural and relaxed atmosphere where I meet the modell.

More children / persons on one watercolour portrait?

It is possible to do a double or tripple portrait, also from different photos. In many cases it is even better to combine single fotos for a group portrait.

an old black and white picture done as watercolour portrait

Black and white or colour photos?

Every good photo is possible. Black and white photos can be transformed in colour portraits.

How long does it take?

A watercolour portrait takes about 2-3 weeks.
An oil portrait about 6 weeks, because the drying lasts about 3 weeks.

If you do need it for a present or jubilee it could be done in a shorter period of time.

Please let us talk about your prefered date.

How and when do I pay?

The sales price plus shipping costs is due before the portrait is being made. (prepayment).

The easiest way of payment is to use bank transfer, but please make sure that all bankcharges are billed to the sender of the payment. Please note: Only full advance payment of the total price confirmed in the purchase confirmation is accepted. No installments. No deductions. No overpayments.

Delivery costs

Delivery costs will be added to the sales price. Packaging and delivery costs within Germany as DHL Paket: 8 Euro.

Airmail USA and Outside Germany:
Registered insured Letter, depending on postal regulations of destination and value of painting: ( costs for shipping will be named in purchase confirmation ) Customs and other duties, taxes, VAT and other might apply for importing works of art, depending on the destination. Please check with your respective authorities in advance.

Usage rights

All copyright and usage rights for and of the painting do remain with Cecilia Halbleib.

By purchasing the original you do not receive the copyright and/or usage rights.

Purchasing a drawing/painting allows the purchaser to use a picture for private purposes, like a private ad, a private homepage – naming the artist. The prices are for private use only.

If you want to use the drawing/painting for commercial purposes, like showing it on a product or advertisement please ask for the conditions.