Cecilia Halbleib

Animal Portraits

Animal portraits painted from a photograph, full of live and character.

I paint your beloved friend as a single portrait or even better with you or your son or daughter or ...

A very personal gift and a memory to last.


Animal portraits in watercolour

Biggi with her horse Sadonsk, portraits in watercolour

Biggi + Sadonsk

watercolour portrait 5.9’’ x 6.3’’

Ilse with her dog Kati, portraits in watercolour

Ilse + Kati

watercolour portrait 9.5’’ x 6.7’’

Lenny, dog portrait in watercolour


watercolour portrait 9.4’’ x 9.4’’

Bella, dog portrait in watercolour


watercolour portrait 6.7’’ x 9.4’’

Rolo, dog portrait in watercolour


watercolour portrait 11.8’’ x 15.7’’

Lisi, cat portrait in watercolour


watercolour portrait 9.5’’ x 9.5’’

Ina, dog portrait in watercolour


watercolour portrait 9.5’’ x 12.6’’

Isaac, animal portrait in watercolour


watercolour portrait 9.5’’ x 12.6’’

Helga with her cats, portraits in watercolour


watercolour portrait 15.7’’ x 15.7’’ cm